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PETER VINCENT (age 8 - 12)
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Peter Vincent
PB: Charlie Korsmo {Icons}
Canon: Fright Night (2011), pre movie
RPGs, Canonpoints:
psltime ~ Age 8
wariscoming ~ Age 10

Player: Tayber | [info]tayberhecate
Age: 27
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
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FULL NAME: Peter Vincent
NICKNAMES: Pete, Rabbit
RACE: Human
AGE/DoB: 8-12 (April 18, 1971)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good/Neutral; Heaven; Good guys

Pre-Attack: Rochester, England
Post-Attack: London, England
Pre-Attack: James and Olivia Vincent (parents)
Post-Attack: Neil and Elizabeth Harding (uncle and aunt)

DEMEANOR: Bouncy and energetic.
Post-Attack: Shy, nervous, and twitchy
QUIRKS AND NERVOUS HABITS: Ambidextrous, Talks in his sleep. Very tactile person, quick and free with physical affection. Oral fixation.
POSITIVE TRAITS: Caring, intelligent, exceedingly loyal.

LIKES: Magic, sweets and sweet things, theatre and performing arts, melodramatics and gaudy over-the-top things, reading, stories
DISLIKES: Sushi, turkey, peppers, maths
Post-Attack: Vampires (to the point of all-out phobia, psychiatrists and therapists, thinking about the attack.

HAIR: brunette, often loose and messy
FACE: Extremely expressive, freckles, strong nose
EYES: Large, brown
HEIGHT: Around 4 feet (dependent on designated age)
BUILD: Long-limbed and skinny like a twig
VOICE: London accent, very vocal and very musical

Personal History
Peter was born and raised in England. He grew up a happy, average little boy; intelligent, friendly, a bit excitable. His parents were good, loving people. But this happy time in Peter’s life didn’t last long at all. Shortly before his ninth birthday, a new neighbor moved in. During a meet-and-greet with the neighborhood, little Peter was wandering around the man’s house and stumbled across a room filled with strange, creepy objects. On the wall was a very distinctive tapestry with a large coat-of-arms on it. Afraid of the new neighbor, Peter tried to tell his parents about the weird things he’d found, and about the bad vibe he was getting, but they gently brushed it off as a child’s imagination.

Unfortunately for Peter, his frightened pleas did garner some attention - from the vampire he’d been so afraid of. A few nights later, having been invited to come over, the monster came to the Vincent household and attacked. Peter’s father tried to hold off the monster, but was not a great shot - not that a gun would do much anyways. Little Peter was shoved to the back of a closet upstairs by his mother to hide him. He stayed there, listening as the vampire took his time slowly shredding his parents apart.

Peter claims the only reason he survived the attack was by remaining hidden, although it’s found out later on that the vampire knew very well that he was there - how could he not, with a vampire’s enhanced hearing and sense of smell? The monster let him get away alive. After two or three days - time was hard to judge - the murders were finally discovered, and little Peter, traumatized and weak, was found, still curled up in the back of the closet.

After his parents’ deaths, Peter moved to London to stay with an uncle who had little patience for nonsense and a great deal of tolerance for a grieving, traumatized nine-year-old. Peter’s uncle provided the calm and stability he needed after the trauma of witnessing his family‘s brutal murder. At the same time, he brushed off Peter’s concerns about monsters in the dark, dismissing them as nightmares caused by the terrible ordeal his nephew had gone through. When Peter’s nightmares and fears would not be soothed, and he would not cease insisting that a vampire had murdered his parents, his uncle took him to see a psychiatrist.

What the vampire’s attack started, the doctors fucked up even more. Peter was in and out of the psyche ward for the next few years, being treated and drugged up for what the doctors saw as delusions, along with depression, anxiety, survivor’s guilt, paranoia, the list went on and on. Peter’s social and school life (when he wasn’t in the hospital) also suffered. Not too many kids wanted much to do with the mad boy who claimed his parents had been eaten by a monster after all. Between the haze of psychiatric drugs and treatment and being unable to find anyone willing to believe him, Peter became cynical and closed off. He began to doubt himself - had he really seen a vampire, or was it just an ordinary man who killed his parents? After all, everyone told him he was wrong, that vampires couldn’t possibly be real.

Prior to the vampire attack that leaves him orphaned, Peter is a bright, happy child with an adventurous spirit. He is fearless and friendly, approaching strangers without reservations. He's very creative and intelligent; he loves stories and has a penchant for embellishment and exaggeration. Because of his energy and quick wits, he tends to gravitate towards being the leader amongst other kids, and can find it a bit difficult to compromise.

Following the attack, everything changed. For a very long while Peter was withdrawn and spoke very little. Fragile and fearful, his instinct was to seek comfort with people he trusted, like his cousin and his uncle. But, as he started to open back up more, and kept talking about the monster, his aunt and uncle grew concerned for his mental health. The fact that no one believes him is very upsetting for him - he knows what he saw, what happened. He's insistent on it. He doesn't take kindly to claims that he is lying, looking for attention, or especially that he's mad. He knows what he saw, and just because other people don't believe it doesn't mean it wasn't real.

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